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Alex and I met in May of 2008 and started dating. We fell for each other quickly and got engaged in January 2009. In May 2009 we were married and have been loving life since. We hope you enjoy a "bird's eye view" of our lives.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's really been a year!

In memory of a year ago... I finally decided to post my Ireland trip! 
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So sad story..... The post I did FOREVER ago was deleted about our trip over to Ireland. So here is a quick story about it. We first flew to Chicago from SLC it was about dinner time so of course we got some Chicago dogs! YUM! SuAnn, Tim, (Alex's parents) Gary, Linda, (Alex's grandparents) Alex, Reid and I and our team were there. We got onto our plane and were told that there were some mechanical problems and we would be delayed. An hour later we were still on the plane. Everyone was up and talking using the phones. Reid was watching a movie on his phone and Alex was playing his train game on his phone. I had nothing to do but wait. Then 2 hours later they decided to deplane us. We got back into the airport and we were hungry again considering it was 4 hours since we had eaten. About an hour or more later they decided to let us get on the new plain they "dug up" as they said. Yeah that made us feel good! So when we finally departed it was 4 hours later. We got to Heathrow we were told by United Employees that they had booked us all on another flight to Dublin. After going through all the security checkpoints and dealing with cranky TSA workers (or whatever they are called in London) we got to our gate. Guess what we weren't booked on another flight... we were put on STANDBY on already FULL plain to Dublin. Almost all of us got on the next flight minus SuAnn, Tim, Garry and Linda. When we got to the hotel all the rest of the family was there because they were expecting us over 5 hours earlier. We talked to them about all that happened and then since it was late we decided to go to dinner. It was divine, and then all of us were ready for bed. We missed a lot of time in Ireland due to the delays so we didn't get any time to really enjoy Dublin since we were supposed to do that the day we arrived. 

Ireland Day 2

The second day in Ireland we planned to go on a guided bus tour.
We walked a couple blocks to the place we were supposed to get on the bus.
When we got to the site I was so confused because we were outside a cathedral it seemed.
Well it used to be one but was turned into a travel center.
It was still beautiful inside but I must say I was confused about it all.

Elliott was pretty tuckered and was asleep on laps right away. 
This bus was smaller so our family filled up a big portion of it.

First stop of the day Newgrange Tomb. 
This was the walkway to the visitors center. So cool!

On the walk to the second bus of the day talking us to the Tomb.

You would think looking at this HUGE mound that inside would be huge right?
Not so much, it was so tiny, dad and others almost got stuck going inside.

This tree was just beautiful. I am pretty sure every single person in my familiy took a picture of it. It was so unique and just on it's own near the tomb.

I just loved the look of everything outside the tomb.

I have a magnet that looks just like this that I got cause I thought it was cool!

There was a weird basket chair on the walk from the busses that took us to the tomb back to the visitors center. We couldn't resist taking a picture here!

This translates to something like 1,000 welcomes. (maybe more)
 If I could have afforded it would have hung on my door.

Back on our bus, we were tired!

Second stop of the day,
the famous Celtic Crosses

These crosses were so amazing. 
If you looked at the engravings they were pictures depicting was the bible stories. 
We were told that this was done for those that couldn't read,
they could come to the crosses and learn the story of Jesus Christ. 

Again so cold and rainy!

Back on the bus again heading back for Dublin.

This was a view from our Hotel window.

Packet pick up for the marathon was this day as well. 

A little freaked that we were going to run a MARATHON!

These were in our packets! YUMMMMM!

We all got to sign a huge board with the marathon motto,

The daunting route.

I loved the key... green spaces!! This pretty much meant parks.

After packet pick up it was POURING. We had to catch a bus back to the hotel. 
Yep... we were on the top floor of the bus. SOOO COOL!

On our walk back to the hotel because we got off on the wrong stop!

If you can not read this that well I thought I would type it because it made me laugh.
PLEASE do not vandalize this life saving device. It may be needed to save YOUR life someday

Dancing at the pub that we had dinner at that night. I loved the live music. 
It was so much fun! Watching Grandpa Wood dance is something I'll never forget!

Other stuff in our packets.